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About The Short Treks of Kashmir.

Kashmir is full of wonderful short trekking trails and most of the treks will take to dramatic alpine landscape and lakes. We have listed the 7 most astonishing short treks of Kashmir on the basis of the beauty of the landscape, terrain,  gradient, and safety. Few of the treks will be completed with in just 2 days or 3 days and are best match for weekends treks. All of these short treks give you unsurpassed beauty, magnificent views of juicy meadows, cascading waterfalls. wildflowers, Timberline, nomadic life,  amazing alpine lakes, mountains, snow-fed rivers, and the cliff Valleys.

1. Tarsar Lake - Short Trek

Duration: 4 days.
Trek Gradient: Moderate.

Short Alpine Lake trekView of Tarsar Lake.

The trek takes you to a mind-blowing Alpine lake named Tarsar Lake.  The landscape of the trek is of high contrast which makes the whole trek glorious. This short trek starts from Aru Valley located at an elevation of 2500 meter ASL and is the only trek mentioned in the Lonely Planet Guide for Indian Himalayas. Aru Valley is the main hub for centuries in the field of adventure sports mainly for trekking and mountaineering. Apart from short trek this trek is popular as Tarsar Marsar Trek and covers 3 Alpine lakes in 7 days.


The first day of this short trek is through the rolling slopes and ends at Lidderwat.  On the second day of the adventure, the route takes a turn with a gradual ascent towards Shekwas. It will take 6 hours in total to reach Tarsar Lake from Lidderwat. Mountain Kolahai can be spotted easily during the trek. It is an adventure of a lifetime because trekkers will explore the forbidden peaks, juicy meadows, valleys, streams, snow-capped mountains with cascading waterfalls, and the gypsy life of this Himalayan region.

2. Gangabal Lake Trek

Duration: 3 days.
Trek Gradient: Moderate.

Alpine Lake                                                                                                                        Gangabal Lake Trek

This Wonderful short trek starts from a famous mountain village which is located at an elevation of 2135 m. An archeological site with the temple of Shiva is a must-visit place before starting the trek. It takes up to 3 hours by tourist taxi to reach Nanarag from Srinagar. Starting the trek on the same day and entering the treeline named ” Budhsheri “. The trek goes through a rough zigzag route by the timberline of Budhsheri till its top. Reaching the top of the timberline is an ascent climb of 3 hours. The hardest climb of this short trek is for the first 3 or 4 hours and upon reaching the top of the ridge the route turns very moderate.  At this point there is a gypsy tea stall and is the perfect place to rest and eat. Apart from being a trending short trek of Kashmir, this trek is a major part of the multi-day Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Now the trekking route gets normal and provides views of surrounding snow-capped mountain peaks on every step.  There will be the number of the small cascading waterfall on the route which can be used for drinking purpose. It will be a trek of 2 hours to reach the Trndkhol Meadow. The meadow is located in the lap of the second highest mountain peak of Kasmir Valley which is Mt. Harmukh 5246 m ASL. Walking over the green lush meadow of Trunkhol with majestic views of surrounding mountains fills the adventure with real wilderness. Trekking over the slopes of the meadow will take you to 2 mind-blowing alpine lakes of Kashmir. The first campsite of this short trek will be Nundkhol Lake.

3. TUlian Lake Short trek

Duration: 2 days.
Trek Gradient: Moderate.


 Tulian Lake. 

Pahalgam is the main hub for a number of short and multi-day treks in Kashmir. Tulian Lake or Tulian Lake trek is a perfect short trekking trail of 32 km in total with an elevation gain of approximately 1000 meters ( 1km.) from the trailhead. When you are thinking about a  beautiful moderate short trek in Kashmir that can be done in just 1 night and 2 days, you cannot get a better option than the Tullian Lake trek. After 2 km of normal walk, the route takes you to the dense pine trees and that is where the gradual climb starts. The trekking route of this short trek is not easy at all but if you are passionate and have any physical workout in your daily schedule it wouldn’t be hard.  

During the trek, you will be able to explore breathtaking views of the dense alpine zone with inverted waterfalls and water streams coming from snow-capped mountains. After 4 hours of ascent and gaining the altitude through zig-zag route will take to the Tulian Valley. The valley is the only campsite of the trek with a melodious white water stream flowing parallel to it. It takes more than 30 minutes through the gradual ascent in the valley and 60 minutes of boulder walk to reach the Lake. Upon reach the elevation of 3684 m, a miracle of nature appears in front of eyes. An iconic Alpine lake located in the lap of Katsal 4791 m peak, bluish water, wildflower beds on the banks is not doubted a lifetime adventure.

4. Short trek to Sheshnag

Duration: 3 days.
Trek Gradient: Moderate.

                                                                                                                         Sheshnag Short trek

                                                                                                                       Wild flowers and Alpine Lake.

The trek is rated as the easiest and shortest alpine lake trek of the Kashmir Valley. Starting the trek from world-famous mountain resort ” Pahalgam”. Pahalgam is located 80 km away from Srinagar City. Reaching the trailhead of this short trek will take up to 1 hour from Pahalgam. The route from Chandan wadi goes parallel to the snow-fed river water stream and then take left. Starting the trek through a rough cemented route that takes over a pass. The landscape onwards the pass is brownish and very different than what we left behind. The route to Sheshnag is also one the route to Amarnath Cave.

The same route leads also to one of the remotest treks of the Kashmir valley which is “Warwan” or Wadwan Valley Trek. A number of waterfalls and flowing clear water streams are always singing throughout the way. The trail is full of pristine nature and having religious importance in the Hindu Faith too. The overwhelming view of Sheshnag Lake in the lap of brownish mountains with a blue blanket on the foot is mindblowing. A good spell of weather is always needed for an awesome adventure.

5. Naranag, Dumail - Weekend Trek

Duration: 2 days.
Trek Gradient: Easy short trek


Naranag is a beautiful mountain village located to the northeast of Srinagar City. The village and its surrounding landscape are charming during every season.  This place is the best match for an easy short trek and family camping. The surrounding mountain holds rich biodiversity and provides livelihood to the Village People. The trek route is very moderate through the banks of the river Wangth. Walking in between the timberline provides beautiful views of glaciers, waterfalls, and dense Himalayan forests. 

The best thing about this trek is that there is no elevation gain beyond 2200 m with a number of campsites. Trekking and camping can be done throughout the year on this trekking trail. During Winters it is an awesome winter trek destination with majestic views of timberline under snow followed by spiky mountain peaks in the background.  Being one of the exotic short treks of Kashmir, Naranag also serves as the one trailhead for Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.

6. Mt. Mahadev Summit trek

Duration: 3 days.
Trek Gradient: Moderate Short trek

                                                                                                                          Trekking in Srinagar                                                                                                                             Mt. Mahadev 3996 M.

 Mt. Mahadev [3966 m] Summit trek is the only short trek on the list which is located in the outskirts of Srinagar, Kashmir. This green Himalayan region is full of wilderness with pleasant views of waterfalls, glaciers, gypsy life. The gradual ascent of the trek starts from Dara, Harwan, Srinagar in the vicinity of Dachigam National Park. The summit view of this short trek provides a panoramic view of Dal Lake and Srinagar City with Pirpanchal Range in the backdrop. While reaching the elevation of 3000 m, the second-highest mountain peak Mt. Harmuk ( 5262 m) of Kashmir is also visible from the northeastern side. 

Trekkers are advised to always do this trek in a group because the zone belongs to the wildlife park of Dachigam and is living Habitat for Himalayan Brown and black bear. Doing this short trek during spring is more thrilling and most of the high altitude ridges and meadows are covered with snow. This summit trek can be done throughout the 7 months of the year, starting from April till October. A certain degree of physical fitness or previous trekking experience over rough terrain is needed.

7. KOlahoi Glacier Trek

Duration: 4 days.
Trek Gradient: Average Short trek

 Kolahoi Glacier

Kolahoi Glacier Trek.     

   No doubt Kashmir valley got a mind-blowing mountain landscape that attracts tourists from every corner of the world. This adventure will take you into the lap of  17,799 feet (5,425 meter) mountain. During every season the surrounding landscape of the trek would make anyone fall for its charm. This short trek takes you to one of the treasure Valleys of the Valley. Starting the trek from Aru with an easy trek of 12 Km over the rolling slopes of Lidderwat. 

Kolahoi glacier trek is a Jewel for trekkers and mountaineers, having strong ties with early mountain expeditions of Nun and Kun Mountain Massif.  Walking parallel to the green lush valleys and snow-fed waters stream of Lidder makes the walk joyful. The mountain route for a multi-day trek to Panikhar, Ladakh through Sindh valley is visible during this short trek. Getting a perfect mountain adventure experience on the feet of the greater Himalayas is the tagline for the Kolahoi Glacier trek.

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