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Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek

Gangabal Trek, 3 Alpine Lakes in lap of 5142 m mountain peak.


Trek Duration: 3 N 4 D.

Trek Cost: 10300/Person or $ USD 150.

Difficulty Level: Easy + Moderate.


Embark on the mesmerizing Kashmir alpine lakes trek, a captivating journey that unveils the beauty of Nundkol and Gangabal Lakes, collectively known as the Gangabal Trek. Commencing from the renowned tourist hub of Naranag, this moderate trek promises a blend of tranquility and adventure. Approximately 20% of the trek is a leisurely stroll, making it accessible even to those with moderate fitness levels.

 Next-day Morning it is just 2 hours normal trek to Nundkol and Gangabal Lake. These high altitude lakes are located at an elevation of 3575 meters above the sea level, in the lap of  Mount Harmukh (5142 meters peak elevation). The fact about this trek is Mt Harmukh is the second-highest mountain peak of Kashmir Valley after Mt. Kolahoi and Gangabal Lake is the second biggest alpine lakes of Kashmir after Kausarnag Lake. At first, we could see only Nundkol lake only and after crossing a small ridge the Gangabal lake could be seen. The Nundkol gets water flow from the outflow of the Gangabal lake and from nearby glaciers. These lakes are the source of  Wangath River which flows down towards Naranag and is the home number of fish species including trout fish.

Tarsar Marsar Lakes Trek.


Trek Duration: 6 N 7 D.

Trek Cost: 13500/Person or $USD 200.

Difficulty Level: Easy + Moderate.


Covering 4 Alpine lakes of Himalayas. (Tarsar Marsar Lakes, Sundarsar, and Surfesar Lake).  Trekking season is limited to all alpine lakes of Kashmir and the same is the case with Tarsar Marsar Lakes trek. The trek to these lakes can be performed from 15 May to late September but the best time to explore is from June to 15 September. Tarsar Marsar Lakes are located in District Anantnag of Jammu and Kashmir (Forest Block Aru). The trekking route starts from Aru Valley which is 14 km away from world-famous hill resort Pahalgam. The trek is known for its natural beauty with rich biodiversity and for its awesome location. This trekking trail provides a spectacular view of snow-clad mountains, glaciers, and pinnacles, passes, rocky barren lands, snow-fed streams. 

The trek covers 4 beautiful alpine lakes of Kashmir which are Tarsar, Marsar, Sundersar, and Surfsar. Many operators cover only two lakes only. If you have not done any high altitude trek before and you want to go for a  trek which is not that much difficult than Tarsar Marsar Lakes trek is the best to match you. Tarsar Lake is an oligotrophic alpine lake of Kashmir surrounded by the highest Mountain of Jammu And Kashmir state (Mount Kolahoi)  from the east and on the southern side, there is Dagchigam National Park. A mountain route from Tarsar lake connects Pahalgam with Sonamarg and Srinagar. Apart from this trek, we offer a trekking trail named Tarsar Marsar Circuit which covers 5 lakes and includes Submit of third highest Mountain Peak of Kashmir which is Mount Mahadev. The Tarsar lake and Kolahoi glacier are the sources of river Lidder which flows through Pahalgam and connects with river Jehlum. Tarsar Lake is situated at an elevation of  13,000 ft with green lush and rocky snow-capped mountains. The trek provides the ultimate blend of adventure and fun while being close to nature. A famous triangular piece of Land named as Lidderwat is an awesome camping site of the trek. Lidderwat is surrounded by the snow-fed river and alpine forests and used as the base camp for Kolahoi Mountain Expedition and for other multi-day treks.

Vishansar and Krishansar Lakes.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.


Trek Duration: 6 N 7 D.

Cost: 15000/Person or $ USD 200.

Difficulty Level: Moderate.


The Most beautiful trek of the Indian Himalayas. A cross over 3 highly elevated mountain passes, Covering 8 Alpine lakes.  The most beautiful and popular alpine lakes trek of the Indian Himalayas. When we are talking about Kashmir alpine lakes trek, Great lakes trek is the most beautiful, popular and trending alpine lakes trek in India. Great lakes trek is a name of awesome trekking experience onto the Himalayas of Kashmir. Covering 8+ breathtaking alpine lakes of the Kashmir region.  Kashmir great lakes trek is full of psychedelic scenes of mountains peaks, meadows and feelings of distant planet emerges from the heart while witnessing the sunrise and dawn breaking over the alpine lakes. This wonderful trek is listed among the 5 best treks of India.

After crossing the tree line at an elevation of 2000 meters the route of the great lakes trek provide amazing views of cliff valleys, glaciers views with sweet water flowing streams and the meadows which are full of wildflowers. The trek is  permitted for trekking purpose only during the right season by the Department of Tourism Jammu and Kashmir. After leaving  the tree line behind,  trekkers need to go through up ascend trek and cross the Nichnai pass located at an of 4200 meters. From Nichnai pass onward the trek is normal down ascend for the next 1 hour. Trekkers will get into the beautiful valley of Vishansar meadow where the trek difficulty gets normal.  Walking through the meadows of Vishansar and through the lap of snow-capped mountains, the route leads to 2 Great Lakes of Kashmir which are Vishansar and Kishansar Lakes. During the trek, the trekkers will be able to explore the best from what Kashmir has to offer in case of natural beauty. Himalayan-Bird provides a well-managed trekking package of 8 nights and 9 days. The package includes a buffer day, ponies to carry the load and other backpacks. The great lakes trek can be performed within 6 days also. But to reduce the difficulty of the trek, the days have been extended which does help trekkers to explore it is a nice way and also helps to have a perfect photo-shoot to collect awesome memories. Guests are advised to view the full deal for further information.  .

Kasusarnag (1)

Kausarnag trek.


Trek Duration: 5 N 6 D.

Cost: 20000/Person or $USD 300.

Difficulty Level: Moderate.


The biggest alpine lake of Kashmir with religious importance to the Hindu faith. The lake is located in the lap of the Pir Panjal Mountain range of Kashmir. This Oligotrophic lake is 2 miles long and half-mile in width and located at an elevation of 4000 meters above the sea level. As per the Hindu belief, Kausarnag lake is among worship places of Vishnu. Every year hundreds of Hindu pilgrims trek to this lake and consider the water of this lake as Holy water.

 The main water source of Aharbal fall is Kausarnag Lake and the fact is that the outflow of this lake could not be seen but as per experts the water flows under the ground, beneath the rocky terrains. The trekking route to this beautiful lake starts from the famous Aharbal Fall which is 61 km ( 37.96 miles ) away from Srinagar City. The beauty of the trek incorporates natural wonders and some of the best panoramas of Indian Himalayas. This alpine lake of Kashmir also holds the history of Monsters inside it which were later considered as alligator or Himalayan Turtles. No one has seen those living creatures from centuries but few incidents are mentioned in the books related to geography and history of Kashmir.  { Historical Geography of Kashmir by  Maqbul Ahmad, Raja Bano (1984) }

Alpine Lake

Sheshnag Lake trek. Easiest Alpine Lake Trek.


Trek Duration: 3 N 4 D.

Cost: 14000/Person or $USD 220.

Difficulty Level: Easy.


Great things happen when humans and mountains meet.

Sheshnag in the Sanskrit language means “the King of Snakes” and As per Hindu Mythology, The Sheshnag Lake was made this Giant snake himself and is still living in the same lake. It is an beautiful high altitude oligotrophic lake in laps of Pir- Panchal and Zanskar  Himalayan Mountain Ranges. The route to Sheshnag originates from  world famous Tourist Hill Resort “Pahalgam” which is 80 Km away from Srinagar ( Main City of Jammu and Kashmir ). 

The Lake remains surrounded by snow even during summers and  elevation of this Alpine Lakes is 3590 Meters with the length of 1.1 Kilometers and maximum width of 0.7 Km. The route leading to Holy place of Hindu Faith namely Amarnath Cave is the route for Sheshnag Lake too but  we need to follow the Amaranth Trail only for 19 Kilometers and the separate trekking route of 4 Km leads to Sheshnag Lake,  the total distance of Sheshnag Lake trek 23 Kms from Main Road of Pahalgam and the trek duration is 3 nights and 4 days.

Vishansar and Krishansar Lakes trek. (Twin Alpine Lakes Trek).


Trek Duration: 4 N 5 D.

Cost: 16000/Person or $USD 240.

Difficulty Level: Easy + Moderate.


Sonamarg Kashmir is a famous hill resort located 50 miles (80 km) to the northeast of Srinagar City. This destination is popular for various adventurous activities like skiing, paragliding, hiking. This beautiful meadow is also a famous for leisure tours with a number of 3-star hotels. Sonamarg is the most effective and popular way (Base camp) for a number of multi-day and short treks.  Vishansar & Krishansar lakes are the most beautiful part of Kashmir great lakes trek and trek to these beautiful lakes also starts from Sonamarg. 

 The lakes have got the name from Vishnu. As per Hindu belief, Vishnu is the preserver god, he saves the planets from getting destroyed and keeps it going. The lakes are situated at an elevation of 3710 meters and 115 kilometers (71.4577 miles ) away from the Main City of Kashmir (Srinagar). The trek provides beautiful views of rolling meadows rugged mountains and the number of twinkling streams that are flowing parallel to the trekking route. The trekking route remains disconnected from the rest of Kashmir valley for almost 6 to 7 months and still depends upon the weather conditions and scale of snow present on the mountain passes.

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List of short Alpine Lakes trek in Kashmir.

Amazing view of Vishansar Lake.
  •  1. Tarsar Marsar Lakes trek.
  • 2. Gangabal and Nundkol Lakes trek. 
  • 3.Vishansar & Krishansar Lakes trek.
  •  4. Barfsar lake trek. 
  • 5. Mt. Mahadev Summit. 
  •   6. Naranag & Marchoi trek. 
  •  7. Kolahoi Glacier trek. 
  • 8.Tulian Lake Trek

We have listed 8 short treks of Kashmir and 4 among them lead to mind-blowing alpine lakes. Mt. Mahadev ( 3,969 m ) is the only mountain summit in the short trek list. This trek is very popular among the local trekking community too. Naranag – Marchoi trek is about exploring the alpine valleys, mountain village culture, gypsies, and their lifestyle, sweet water streams and Marchoi meadow. Kolahoi Glacier trek is an amazing and famous trek because of its location and diverse landscapes. The Kolahoi glacier trek originates from the trekking hub of Kashmir which is Pahalgam. The trek provides mind-blowing views of alpine forests, wildflowers and giant glaciers.

The treks listed above are the most popular and trending short treks of Kashmir. The treks have been also listed as per the beauty, safety, and difficulty level. Kashmir is surrounded by the lesser Himalayan region (Pir Panjal Range) from the southeast and with Greater Himalayas from North East. The Valley gives birth to the number of wonderful trekking trails. The snow-capped mountains, alpine meadows, valleys, glaciers, snow-fed streams are part of all the treks listed above. These high altitude treks can be explored by the short treks during the right season. Know more Short treks in Kashmir

Famous Alpine Lakes of World.

Alpine Lakes provide a sensitive habitat life underwater. The most popular alpine lakes of the world are:

  • 1. Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia (Biggest natural alpine lake in the world).
  • 2. Tenaya Lake, California, USA.
  • 3. Urmia Lake, Iran.
  • 4. Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming, USA.
  • 5. Changu Lake, India.
  • 6. Crater Lake, Oregon, USA.
  • 7. Gangabal Lake, Kashmir India.
  • 8. Heaven Lake, North Korea/China.
  • 9. Issyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan.
  • 10. Lake Sevan, Armenia.
  • 11. Lake Baikal, Russia.
  • 12. Lake Saiful Muluk, Pakistan.
  • 13. Lake Tahoe, California, and Nevada, USA.
  • 14. Lake Van, Turkey.
  • 15. Pangong Tso, India.
  • 16. Tarsar Lake, Kashmir India.

Trekking in Kashmir.

Trekking in Kashmir is mostly about exploring the breathtaking alpine lakes. Apart from alpine lakes, there are few mountain summit treks (doesn’t require advanced mountaineering skills) and trans-Himalayan treks (Warwan valley trek, Naranag Dumail trek). The majority of multi day treks in Kashmir cover alpine lakes. The treks to these alpine lakes are named as per the name of lakes and also by names commercially given to the trekking trails. The majority of these high reaching lakes reside in the beautiful valley of Kashmir. The lakes are covered with vast alpine meadows, snow-capped peaks, rocky terrains, and alpine orchids.

When we are talking about alpine lakes of the world, Alpine lakes of Kashmir are standing in the list but it doesn’t end there. There are more than 2000 alpine lakes in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The alpine landscapes of Kashmir occupies the large part of Indian Himalayas. The amazing fresh water bodies are located in different mountain ranges and have different trekking and four motorable road from different regions.

19 Most Visited Alpine lakes of Kashmir.​

 All of the high altitude lakes of Kashmir are not permissible for trekking purposes by the Department of Tourism Jammu and Kashmir. Hundreds of alpine lakes are located very close to the Indian Line of Control and a number of them are very difficult to submit and unreachable or need high technical skills. All of the alpine lakes listed are located at an elevation of  3500 meters or above and few of them are located over 4000 meters above the seal level. 19 Most amazing Alpine Lakes of Kashmir which are allowed for trekking and hiking purposes:


If you are looking for trekking options on the Himalayas of Kashmir, these alpine lakes are meant for that. The list has been made on the basis of the beauty of the landscape also keeping essential safety majors in mind.  There is a trek that got mindblowing mountain views and vast alpine meadows with wildflowers and sweet water streams. The Kashmir great lakes trek covers 7 major beautiful alpine lakes of the list. This alpine lakes trek of Kashmir is trending as well as the most beautiful trek of the Indian Himalayas. The alpine lakes of this trek can be covered in short treks too using other trailheads. Other alpine lakes listed also are very beautiful and got a real feel of wilderness. The glaciers, alpine forests, gypsy life, waterfalls and is part of every trekking trail.

  •   1. Nundkol Lake (3500 meters ).
  • 2. Gangabal Lake (3575 meters).
  • 3. Satsar Lake (3610 meters).
  • 4. Gadsar Lake (3600 meters).
  • 5. Vishansar Lake (3710 meters).
  • 6. Krishansar Lake (3750 meters).
  • 7. Kolesar Lake (3800 meters).
  • 8. Sheshnag Lake (3590 meters).
  • 9. Tulian Lake, located at an elevation of 3684 meters.
  • 10. Tarsar Lake (3795 meters).
  • 11. Marsar Lake. (4000 meters).
  • 12. Sundarsar Lake (3800 meters).
  • 13. Surfsar Lake (3750 meters).
  • 14. Kausarnag Lake (3500 meters).
  • 15. Nilnag Lake (3000 meters).
  • 16. Durinar Lake I. (4100 meters).
  • 17. Durinar Lake II. (4200 meters)
  • 18. Durinar Lake III ( Located at an elevation of 4650 meters above the sea level). Highest altitude alpine lake of Kashmir.
  • 19. Alphatar Lake (3470 meters).

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