Day Treks from Naranag, Kashmir’s Hidden Adventures

Discover the Allure of Naranag: A Trending Tourist Village Nestled at the Foothills of Mt. Harmukh (5142 m). From Ancient Dynasties to Modern-Day Adventure, Unraveling the Treasures of a Year-Round Trekking Haven. Dive into the Rich History and Scenic Splendors of Naranag, the Trailhead for Dumail, Marchoi, and the Legendary Gangabal Lakes and Kashmir Great Lakes trek. Your Gateway to Unforgettable Day Treks and Epic Multi-Day Adventures in the Heart of Kashmir’s Majestic Mountains.

About Day Treks from Naranag: While the surrounding region boasts a diverse tapestry of alpine lakes, peaks, and rich biodiversity that would take weeks to fully explore, our focus remains on the awe-inspiring day treks available throughout the year. Join us as we provide a glimpse into the basic insights of these short yet exhilarating journeys, offering a taste of the vast adventure that awaits in the diverse landscapes surrounding Naranag.

Naranag to Dumail – A Day Trek Delight!:

Dumail Trek
Dumail trekking trail.

Embark on a thrilling day trek from Naranag, just 45 km from Srinagar! The journey to the trailhead takes about 2 hours, but trust me, it’s worth every moment. This adventure is a perfect match for all types of adventure lovers, offering a flat and easy 3 km trail that stretches to a total of 6-7 km at an altitude of 2200 to 2350 m.

Picture this: Walking through the enchanting Himalayan forest along the banks of the Wangath River, you’ll witness gully glaciers lingering until the end of spring. Our destination? Dumail is a small campsite where two rivers merge to form the Wangath River, a tributary of the mighty Sindh River.

But that’s not all—this trek is a journey through time, exploring the ancient ruins of the Karkota dynasty and a serene Shiva temple. Brace yourself for the awe-inspiring Himalayan landscape, featuring small waterfalls, glaciers,  Koths (huts), and snow-fed streams that paint a mesmerizing natural canvas.

Marchoi Valley: Day Trek Bliss from Naranag:

Marchoi Valley.
Marchoi Valley, Kashmir


The journey kicks off with a breathtaking 3 km stretch parallel to the Wanth River, navigating through a scenic jungle that sets the perfect tone for the adventure. The complete trek covers a distance of 18 km from Naranag. As you reach the Dumail bridge, where two snow-fed rivers gracefully merge into the Wangth, you’ll realize why this trail is famous for its easy day treks and camping escapades during the summer and autumn seasons. Come winter, and it transforms into a wonderland, giving birth to the Marchoi winter trek.

The ascent to Marchoi Valley from Dumail marks the beginning of a gradual altitude gain. The trail, though a little rough, meanders through charming bridges and gushing waterfalls, creating a symphony of nature. Fishing enthusiasts take note – this trail is renowned for its fly-fishing beats, but don’t forget to secure the required permits from the concerned department.

As you conquer the 7  km mark of the trail, the landscape unfolds into the breathtaking Marchoi Valley. Picture a panorama of snow-capped mountains, a network of small streams, and the mesmerizing sight of the valley. The pièce de résistance? The majestic Mt. Harmukh (5142 m), the third-highest mountain peak in the valley, cast its regal presence over this day of thrilling adventure.

Naranag to the enchanting Marchoi Meadow:

View from Marchoi Meadow.

Embark on a slightly challenging day trek from Naranag, recommended for seasoned hikers between May and mid-October. Starting at an elevation of 2200 m, the trail leads to the breathtaking Marchoi Meadow or Shadimarg, situated at 3200 m. The initial trail up to Dumail is common for all three-day treks mentioned here. As for Shadimarg, the moderately steep ascent winds through a forested stretch, offering a zigzag route with panoramic views of the Himalayan region, including a closer look at Mt. Harmukh.

This trek isn’t just an excellent option for those starting from Srinagar—it’s a visual feast during the right season. The meadow itself is adorned with diverse valleys and mountain peaks, each showcasing a different charm with every changing season. Lace-up your boots and get ready for a day filled with adventure and stunning vistas.

During winter, this trek undergoes a magical transformation, blanketed in snow dunes and adorned with icicles. It evolves into an incredible Winter trek, a true spectacle of nature’s beauty. Joining the adventure requires dedicating 3 to 4 days, aligning with scheduled group dates. Embrace the winter wonderland and make memories amid nature’s snowy enchantment.

Essential Insights before going for day treks from Naranag:

Smooth and Well-Planned Trek Ahead: Key Points to Consider Before Embarking on Your Journey.

Weather Update: Check the Latest Weather Updates Before Hiking into the Mountains. Utilize Online Platforms and Seek Guidance from Local Guides and Operators for Comprehensive Information.


 Things to Carry (Gear): Pack a sturdy backpack for essentials, stay hydrated with a reusable bottle, and fuel up with trail mix and energy bars. Wear proper hiking shoes for varied terrains, layered clothing, and a waterproof jacket for rain. Protect against the Himalayan sun with sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat. Navigate with tools like a map, compass, or GPS. Prioritize safety with a basic first aid kit and a headlamp for unexpected delays. Carry a multi-tool or knife, ID, and emergency contacts. Capture views with a charged camera or phone. Gear up, stay safe, and savor the Himalayan landscapes on your day hike.
Guidance: While the allure of exploring Kashmir’s trekking trails independently is tempting, venturing without an eligible guide or operator comes with risks. The rugged terrain and unpredictable weather demand local expertise to navigate safely. A qualified guide not only ensures you stay on the right path but also provides insights into the region’s rich culture and history. Additionally, operators handle logistics, allowing you to focus on the adventure. Opting for a guide or operator enhances your trekking experience, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir.

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