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Sonamarg day trek

Nestled 80 km northeast of Srinagar, Sonamarg is the jewel of Kashmir, boasting stunning mountain vistas and a rich history steeped in mountaineering and Silk Route trade. Aptly named the ‘Meadow of Gold,’ it serves as a picturesque transition point between Kashmir and Ladakh. This all-season destination offers a variety of accommodations, from 3-star luxury to budget-friendly options, making it a prime destination for leisure tours in Kashmir. Sonamarg has a legacy as the rock climbing and mountaineering hub of Kashmir, attracting European adventurers from the 1800s to the mid-1900s. Explore the adventure legacy with iconic treks like the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, as well as lesser-known day treks we’ll dive into 2 amazing day treks in this post. Join us as we unravel the beauty and adventure that Sonamarg holds for every traveler and trekking enthusiast. 1. Thajwas Day Hike: Peaks and Glaciers Discover the allure of Thajwas, a…

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